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Why you should consider getting your Tattoo in the winter?

If you ask any Tattoo enthusiast when they like to show off their Tattoos they will almost say the summer time. Which makes sense, great weather, light clothing, lots of sunshine all day long right?

Summer may the best time to show off your work but when is the best time to get your work done?

Surprisingly, its winter. Yes, that cold long haul of ice and snow through the end of the year into the beginning of the year, that time when you are wearing so many layers its comical sometimes. Yes, that winter.

Why should you get your work done in the darkest coldest part of the year?

*The large lack of sunlight will make the healing process a lot less vulnerable to UV damage thus making your tattoo heal cleaner and last much longer.

*Sweat can aggravate your skin in the healing process as well causing you to lose color and detail that you paid oh so much for.

*With all those layers comes a great advantage when healing, little to no exposure to the elements that can increase your risk of infection or damage.

*Pricing! A lot of Tattoo shops offer holiday sales/ black Friday deals around Christmas, which can make that dream piece you have been wanting a little more in your reach.

*Availability of your artist. A lot of artists consider winter to be their slower time of year which means that artist you have been trying to book with all summer who has no time will surely be available when the temp drops.

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