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Tattoo Aftercare | Its make or break

Tattoo aftercare is just as wide in style and variation as tattoos themselves now and days. While there is a huge spectrum of products that promise you the moon is far as locking in color or giving your recent ink that extra touch to make it look great forever, Or the hardcore people that will tell you they just let it "rough heal", there are some core basics that just about every artist will agree on.

River City Tattoo Co strongly believes that proper healing techniques and keeping your tattoo clean during the healing process will make for a long lasting piece that will make you proud every time you show it off. Keep in mind the tattoo process is akin to a medical procedure, maybe were not doing a heart transplant here but proper sanitation and sterile procedures are a key factor to making sure your tattoo stays clean during and after its application.

When you leave your favorite tattoo shop, your artist should have done 2 things at least, cleaned your new art with a proper chemical that will remove extra ink or any bacteria and should have wrapped it with a product that helps keep your very new and very fragile tattoo from being subject to the not so clean environments outside of their shop.

This is where is gets confusing, as we mentioned earlier there are many products that will do the trick for your new ink. Some are better than others, but the core of all of this is cleanliness. You should be cleaning your piece with warm water and antibacterial soap throughout the 2 weeks usually endured by most people during the healing process. Using a clean fresh paper towel you can pat it down (rubbing or dragging will cause damage to your healing skin and thus affects your tattoo in the end of the process), and if you choose to apply a healing ointment that is designed for tattoo healing.

You should always always always avoid sun exposure for too long and no swimming or soaking in water until it has fully healed, this is to make sure it maintains all of its qualities during the healing process.

Rule of thumb? The better you treat the skin/glass the better the tattoo/picture will look. And as always the team at River City Tattoo Co are more than happy to answer any of your aftercare products.